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My name is Maurizio Costantino

I have been in Leros in 1993/94: an important and beautiful moment in my life.

Important and beautiful because of people I met there.

This blog to (re)create connections: hope to meet you…

me, on the left, today



  1. Hi. It’s very difficult to even think, much more write (again) about all this. Thank you for this page.

  2. Dear Maurizio

    My name is Marina Danezi and I’m a film maker from Greece.

    It would be very kind of you if you could send me an e mail in order to establish contact and discuss the option of working together for my new documentary.

    Your reply will be really appreciated

    My best personal regards


  3. I was in Leros in 1994 and 1995. The must beautiful moment before my children…. Nostalgy. I think I never forget this experience with you Maurizio…and your help in those difficult moments.
    Think you for every things!!!
    I remember the pavillon 11 and the appartments (the ladies). how emotion!!!

  4. I am a greek psychologist and I was in Leros in 2006, for a month, as a student of psychology. It was such an important experience of life for me. A life lesson and a huge lesson as psychologist. I don’t know if anybody can understand people of Leros’ psychiatry, but they will always be in my heart.
    As a greek and as a person that loves them even if I know almost nothing about them,thank you for everything you offered to them.

    • For me too it has been a huge personal and professional experience…an experience about respect and meeting people with as less prejudgements as possible be can be powerful…and I know that in Leros the situation continue to be….Human! So I thank you: to receive news is very good and healthy for me. Tell me more if you like at Bye….

  5. Thanks for this website. I was in 91 and 92 in Leros as a meber of a dutch group of workers.Worked in 11th building in A1.
    It was the biggest shock in my life and till today i cannot forget what i saw.
    Looking around on the site I met al lot of people from those day’s. I knew Vassili very well. Met him again a few years ago in Alinda , still making his knots.

  6. Leros and its patients are in great difficulties for food and farmaka. to read here : and the last part of the paper which concerns leros : “Antartis is relieved the hospital managed to resolve – albeit temporarily – the problem with food supplies without the patients realising anything was wrong. But he remains concerned, particularly about medical supplies, as that is one area in which Leros’s community, as active and kind as it is, will not be able to help. “I think the local people will help with food,” he says. “But even that is going to be a problem at some point because for how long are they going to be able to help?””. Here on syros has been organized 3 days for collecting food and money to buy farmaka. but it’s the blind who helps the paralytic – or the inverse ! let’s not the people of léros forgotten one more time, please. and thanks for the videos that i will recommand everywhere i can.

    • thanks zozefine for this link….if I’ll have the courage I’ll go to Leros at the end of august. I want to meet people with whom I worked and have a direct experince of wath’s happening in Greece ( better: what’s happening to greecks).Hoping to help them to help themselves, to find out self-help ways. A greek poet (Dimitri TSALOUMAS, born in Leros and living in Sydney) wrote in 1983:
      Thanks again

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